PoPW Explanation

Proof Of Participation On Work
PoPW is the energy efficient method Noso uses to equitably distribute coins to its participants. In Noso, PoPW is strictly a coin distribution method and has no bearing on the survivability of mainnet itself. Noso allows users to earn coins while participating in the project and demonstrating minimal work. These users can operate “earning” software which runs on any device using minimal energy.
PoPW Rule: ONE NosoAddress ---> ONE UNIQUE IP
With PoPW, the project aims to deter participants from engaging in avaricious behavior by capping the maximum difficulty for submitted Nosohash shares and equalizing the power of all connected devices. This feature makes simple arm devices similar in power to that of a GPU. In addition, Noso PoPW limits each participant to a nominal “submitted share” amount per public IP address space. This means if a single user has ten devices in their home, their earning potential is equal to that of someone who has one device. Also, to deter participants from maximizing on freely available IP address space, an artificial intelligence database watches for and filters the following categories from successfully submitting Nosohash shares.
  • TOR
  • VPN's
  • Proxies
  • Vps provider IP Ranges
These measures allow anyone with interest in crypto to engage in the project and earn a fair amount of Noso without concern that a single person or professional miner is accumulating the majority of coins.
In Noso, a block is created every 600 seconds and new coins are minted. These new coins are split between masternode, project funds, and PoPW. The PoPW reward is the percentage of coins left over once MN and project funds have been distributed. In the rare event all PoPW pools are unavailable or down, this leftover PoPW reward is forwarded to the Noso project funds address, “NpryectdevepmentfundsGE.”

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