Noso Mobile Wallet:

NosoMobile wallet allows users the ability to generate new addresses, assign aliases to addresses, import or export addresses, password encrypt wallet addresses, and send and receive coins to and from other Noso coin holders. NosoMobile is available for Android OS. Once installed, NosoMobile will auto-create one default address and is ready for use.

Get your wallet (here)

Always remember to make a backup copy of your Noso wallet (Wallet.pkw) file whenever a change is made. This includes creating new addresses and adding passwords to your Noso addresses. Always store your Wallet.pkw file in a safe place. The default "Wallet.pkw" file location on an Android is as follows: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data /coms7evensoftware.nosowallet/files/NOSODATA /Wallet.pkw When password protecting your Noso addresses, always use a password minimum of 8 characters to maintain compatibility between NosoLite and NosoMobile wallets.​

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