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"SharedNode Contracts (SN Contracts) allow participants to collaboratively fund and operate node instances on the mainnet. This documentation explains the key concepts and procedures involved in SN Contracts"

Node Types: Nodes are classified into two types: Solo and Shared.

  • Solo nodes operate independently, similar to the existing nodes.

  • Shared nodes, while functionally identical to solo nodes, have their funds distributed across multiple noso addresses (shared). Shared nodes require running a node instance to support the mainnet.

Shared Nodes: A shared node is established by an individual seeking funding assistance from others.

Participants create a SharedNode Contract on the mainnet, indicating their intention to host a node and inviting others to contribute funds. To initiate a SharedNode Contract, the creator must send a "SharedNode Contract request" to the mainnet, incurring a fee of approximately 0.20 Noso.

SharedNode Contracts have the following specifications:

a) Time duration (measured in blocks): This specifies the duration for which the contract remains active.

b) Fee percentage: The contract creator determines the percentage of funds they will retain as compensation for hosting and maintaining the node instance.

c) Minimum participation: The minimum contribution required for participants, which must meet or exceed the protocol's minimum allowed limit.

Joining a SharedNode Contract: Any individual can join a SharedNode Contract by submitting a "signed agreement" to the contract. Joining is free, but it requires the participant to freeze the coins in the address they use to join until the SharedNode Contract expires. It's important to note that participants always retain ownership of their coins.

Coin Distribution: The SharedNode Contract's registered address distributes the coins it holds proportionally among the participants. This distribution occurs at the protocol level, ensuring a transparent and scam-proof process. Not even the SharedNode creator can withdraw coins from the contract without following the established distribution rules.

Terminology: To facilitate understanding, the following terms are used:

  • SN Host: The creator of the SharedNode Contract, responsible for initiating and running the node instance. The SN Host pays the contract creation fee.

  • SN Earner: Any participant who joins a SharedNode Contract, contributing funds and benefiting from the distribution of coins.

By implementing SharedNode Contracts, individuals can collaborate to support and maintain node instances on the mainnet, fostering decentralization and community involvement in the network's operations.

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