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what is JSON-RPC?

A Noso Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node is a type server that allows users to read data on the Noso blockchain and manipulate it for various purposes. Full details here (for exchanges)

Why is noso.exe flagged as a virus?

In the last decade or so, the anti-virus software began using a method called heuristics to better detect viruses that had code to evade detection. While that helped with a better detection, it also came with the undesirable side effect of false positives. This happens more often with non-signed software that has code to access the Internet. Since both, the wallet and the earning app do access the Internet, they trigger a false positive. They do not have a virus, they just tickle the anti-virus software the wrong way.

Is Noso listed at any Exchange?

Currently Noso is listed on Txbit.io

How do I create a new wallet address?

This can be done from inside any of the Noso Wallets. From within Nosolite, right click under β€œAddress”, select β€œNew.” From within Noso Mobile or Noso Web Wallets, select the β€œNew” button on the top left under the Noso logo. For Noso Wallet, select the β€œ+” button to the right of the β€œAddress” header. Remember to backup your wallet every time you create a new wallet address.

Why is NosoNode is displaying "block undone" over-and-over, not showing a satellite dish, and not paying?

For various reasons, NosoNode can get into a stuck state. Use the command "reqsum" to restore the node to a functional state.

`GLIBC_2.34' not found when running nosonode how to fix it?

Under releases on github you will see multiple mirrors "linuxnew" corresponds to newer releases like Ubuntu 22.04 "linux" corresponds to older releases like Ubuntu 20,Ubuntu 18

SSL files missed on windows. Auto directive update will not work properly if nosonode shows this please use this step

Upload these ssl files to your noso directory to fix( the .dll files https://github.com/Noso-Project/NosoNode/tree/main/ssl

SSL files missed on Linux. Auto directive update will not work properly if nosonode shows this please use this step

Use this command in terminal sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

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