Nosolite Wallet:

NosoLite wallet allows users the ability to generate new addresses, assign aliases to addresses, import or export addresses, password encrypt wallet addresses, and send and receive coins to and from other Noso coin holders. Nosolite is available for most major operating systems including Windows, Linux and macOS. Once installed, all wallets will auto-create one default address and are ready for use.

Get your wallet (here)

Always remember to make a backup copy of your Noso wallet (Wallet.pkw) file whenever a change is made. This includes creating new addresses and adding passwords to your Noso addresses. Always store your Wallet.pkw file in a safe place. On Windows and Linux based systems, the "wallet.pkw" file is located in your /Nosolite(root directory)/wallet/wallet.pkw When password protecting your Noso addresses, always use a password minimum of 8 characters to maintain compatibility between NosoLite and NosoMobile wallets.​

Customize Address(Alias):

Built into the Noso protocol is the concept of assigning an “alias” to your public address, referred to as “customizable address transfer.” This customization consists of assigning an alias “name” to a specific Noso address so that it is easier to remember. Instead of a user sharing their 30-31 character hashed public address for receiving funds, they can share their easy-to-remember “alias” address. (example: Noso Address: N2kFAtGWLb57Qz91sexZSAnYwA3T7Cy, Address Alias: devteam_donations) An address that has been customized is charged a nominal fee (0.00025000 Noso) and is immediately registered to the summary of accounts. Alias name changes can only occur one time per Noso address and cannot be duplicated on different addresses. Noso “aliases” help to make Noso easier for the community to use.

Your Noso Address must not be password locked to perform the following steps:

  1. Right click on the address you wish to customize then enter the alias you wish to use.

  1. Click “OK”

  2. Wait one block. Once clicking “OK” your Noso Address will be updated on the following block.

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