🏘️Noso Governance (GVT)

Built into Noso protocol is a Governance Token (GVT) poll management system. This system allows GVT owners to create project related polls for consideration which are voted upon by other GVT owners. In order to participate in the voting process, an individual must acquire through purchase or trade, a Noso Governance Token (GVT). These tokens are available to anyone wanting to participate in the voting process. Currently if you would like to purchase a GVT you must reach out to a moderator or developer from the Noso project Discord.

Governance Tokens have the following specifications:

  • Inital 100 GVTs have been minted

  • GVTs are transferable

  • 1 GVT = 1 vote

  • Any GVT owner can start a poll

  • Polls with +75% of approbation will be mandatory; +50% will be recommended

  • New GVTs are minted every year only (on demand, after government poll approbation)

  • GVTs can be banned by other GVTs owners in certain circumstances. When banned, the GVT owner becomes suspended from creating new polls or participating on existing ones for 90 days.

  • Each GVT can only run one poll at a time

  • GVTs rules can be adjusted by a GVT votation

Example GVT poll: Should NOSO reduce the PoPW reward to 5%?

You can see latest GVT polls here

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