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Welcome to Noso

Network Of Sustainable Opportunity

What is Noso?

Noso is an Layer zero coin that utilizes a hybrid consensus mechanism combining Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternodes (MN). This combination allows for the efficient validation of transactions and the operation of the network.
The Proof of Stake (PoS) component of Noso involves participants staking their coins to validate transactions and create new blocks. Stakers are selected to create blocks based on the number of coins they hold and the length of time they have been staking. This consensus mechanism helps secure the network and maintain transactional integrity.
In addition to PoS, Noso incorporates Masternodes (MN) to enhance the network's performance and provide additional functionalities. Masternodes are servers that fulfill specific roles within the network, such as facilitating instant transactions, participating in governance decisions, and supporting privacy features. Masternode operators are required to hold a specific number of Noso coins as collateral, demonstrating their commitment to the network's stability. By combining Proof of Stake and Masternodes, Noso aims to achieve a secure and efficient blockchain network while providing additional features and benefits to its users.


  • Name: Noso
  • Ticker: NOSO
  • GENESYS block: March 7th, 2021
  • Consensus:Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternodes (MN)
  • Total Supply: 21 million coins
  • Initial Block Reward: 50 Noso
  • Current Block Reward: Starting with 50 Noso and halving every 210,000 blocks (~4 years) up to 10 times (~40 years). Block reward is split between Masternodes 90% , Project development funds 10% (beginning at block 88406).
  • Transaction speed: up to 1900 transactions per second
  • Transaction cost: 0.01% (min. 0.01 Noso)
  • Block time: 600 seconds
  • Premine: 0.049% (10303.9073 Noso) used as development fund.

Who are the Founders of Noso?

Noso, a project created by an anonymous team with extensive experience in cryptography and blockchain development, was launched in March 7th, 2021 by a full-time developer. Despite the team's anonymity, their experience, combined with the complex nature of the project and its milestones (such as the creation of a new consensus mechanism in Pascal, a secure programming language), suggest that Noso was developed by experts with extensive hands-on experience in the field of cryptography.

What makes Noso Unique?

Noso, a revolutionary new cryptocurrency, was born from a vision to provide the world with a state-of-the-art digital currency experience. With a focus on reliability, scalability, privacy, security, and usability, Noso was developed from the ground up to cater to the needs of millions of users. Adopting the philosophy of "build it and they will come", the Noso development team prioritized the creation of functional technology before embarking on a marketing campaign.
Noso's uniqueness lies in its ability to address the limitations and shortcomings of its predecessors, setting it apart from other digital currencies. Building upon the similarities it shares with Bitcoin, such as its own chain and Genesis block, Noso goes above and beyond by dividing the newly minted coins into three categories and implementing innovative solutions to enhance scalability and speed. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that experience sluggish network performance as their blockchain ledger expands, Noso's separation of the Merkel tree and address balances from the blockchain leads to lightning-fast transaction speeds, reaching up to 1900 transactions per second. The Noso protocol also allows for the creation of blocks solely for the purpose of consulting transaction history, making the blockchain independent and freeing up resources for future upgrades and updates. These inspired design elements not only elevate performance but also provide ample room for continued innovation and advancement within the Noso protocol.
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