Earn Noso on Linux

To earn Noso, you need a wallet and "Noso Earn" software
Step 1: Download the and install latest version of Nosolite wallet for your OS from (here) Upon installation, Nosolite will generate a default address to use for earning and holding Noso coins. Step 2: Download and install the latest "Get Noso"software from (here)​
From within a terminal on your Linux machine, enter the following commands:
Note, these assume x86 64bit hardware. If your system has an arm or aarch64 CPU, you will need to use a different binary. Refer to Earn Noso on a Mobile Device for your ARM binary download.
ALSO please notice that if your linux version is Ubuntu 20 and bellow you will need to the run the mirror version
Step 3: After launching "Get Noso" software, press ALT+X to close. The first "run" will auto-create your configuration files. Open "consominer2.cfg" using a text editor like Nano. nano consominer2.cfg Select an address from your NosoLite wallet and modify your consominer2.cfg file by modifying the following fields:
  • address AddressFromYourNosoLiteWallet
  • cpu 1 (setting this to more than 1 CPU is wasteful and doesn't increase your coins earned)
  • test False (set this to "False" so that Earning starts as soon as the app opens)
  • Close Nano and save your changes using the key combination CTRL+X and when prompted type Y to save changes.
With configurations in place, you are now ready to start earning coins.
Please note, a typical earning period consists of 48 blocks from the moment you start participating. It takes 7 1/2 hours to go through 48 blocks and you will not see coins in your wallet until after the 7 1/2 hours has lapsed. When participating, you will see a "balance" column with coins pending in green. This is the balance of coins you will receive when your participation period has expired.

Happy Earning!!!