Earn Noso running a Node

Contribute to Noso by running a Node and earn some coins in process :)
To run a masternode, from inside of NosoNode, enter your funds address (address with sufficient Noso) into the “node” tab of "NosoNode"; “test” then “save.” Masternode rewards will begin within 2 blocks and you will see your icon at the bottom left corner of NosoNode change from a wifi antenna to a satellite dish. Masternodes (MN)
Noso Node
Funds address: address containing the staking amount (receives node reward)
Sign address: any address in your wallet except the funds address
Download the latest Noso Node software (here)​
  • System running Windows or Linux OS
  • 64bit based hardware.
  • 2 CPUs
  • 1024 MB Memory
  • SSD based Hard-drive with 1GB of available space
  • 100 Mbit/s internet connection
  • Publicly accessible IP address (DHCP or Static) with TCP Port forwarding to Noso Node listening port.
The current Masternode stake requirement can be approximated with the following formula: (blockheight / 10) + 21 Example: With a block height of 90000 and the formula ((90000 / 10) + 21) = 9021. Approximately 9021 coins
The MasterNode stake requirement will cap at 10,500 coins
On Linux: latest Github releases will not work on Ubuntu 20 and under ,you need Ubuntu 22.