Running the wallet:

Nosolite does not require an installation. Please download the latest release for either Windows or Linux, uncompress the archive and run Nosolite.

Nosolite Components:

Total balance in locked addresses:

Available balance:

Password locked address:

Staked address:

Addresses list:

Send coins form:

Frequent payments directory (To be implemented):

Last block updated (Background color green= Synced; Red=Unsynced):

Total Noso circulating supply:

Noso holders:

Balance required for a stake address:

Noso mainnet time:

Rigth click on addresses list:

New Enhancements added:

New: Generates a new address keys pair.

Set as default: Set the selected address as default, placing it on top of the list.

Copy: Copy to clipboard the selected address hash (or alias, if available)

Import: Import existing addresses from a file or from plain text using keys.

Delete: Move the selected address to trash wallet.

Lock: Lock the selected address with password. BE CAREFULL. If you lock an address and forgot the password, nobody in the world will be able to recover the funds stored on it.

Certificate: Generates a owning certificate of the selected address.

QR code: Shows the hash of the selected address as QR code (also can be used to export address keys to a mobile wallet) Customize: Send a custom alias request for the selected address.

Main menu:

Check Certificate: Verify a owning address certificate.

Wallet folder: Open the folder containing your wallets files (Regular and trash)

ZIP Backup: Creates a ZIP file containing your wallets (regular and trash) in the specified folder. (Password protection for this ZIP file to be implemented)

Exit: Close the wallet.

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