Running consominer2

Consominer2.exe: installation / First run:

This software does not need to be installed. Download the appropriate Windows or Linux version, uncompress the archive and run it from the folder created. (example: /consominer2/consominer2.exe). On the first run, Consominer2 will execute a complete speed test, up to the detected threads count on system, and create a default consominer2.cfg file with modifiable user options.

After this first run, and before running it again, edit the CFG file using any text editor.

The CFG file: The default consominer.cfg file created.

** Replace the default mining address with your own address. Aliases not allowed.

address NpryectdevepmentfundsGE

** Set the number of CPUs/Threads you want use to mine.

cpu 1

** Valid values: 65,68,69 and 70 (default).

hashlib 70

** Change to false to start mining when you launch the app.

test True

** Max number of shares to be submitted to each pool. Use 0 to use pool defined.

maxshares 9999

** Enter a valid number between 0-99 as your % volunteer donation for developer.

donate 5

- Address: replace the default address with your own Noso address you want use to mine and receive the rewards.

- Set the maximum number of CPUs/Threads you want to use.. It is not recommended to use all your available CPUs. On consominer2, you can use all the power you want without an energy waste since the miner will stop and rest when the block target is reached.

- Hashlib: This field sets the hashing function to be used. You should check in the test which one runs better on your device. If you specify a non-valid value, 70 is used by default.

- Test: It indicates if the app will start in test mode or not. Valid values are True and False

- Maxshares: The maximum shares to be sent to each pool per block. You can use 0 to send as many shares as the pool accepts.

- Donate: Indicates the % of your shares you want to donate to the miner developer. Valid values are 0 to 99. If a non valid value is set, 5 is used by default.

The consominer2 User Interface:

- The percentage of shares the miner is currently donating to developer

- Miner address and balance on summary. (edited)

- Current block and age, CPUs used / total, hashing speed (updated every second)

- Session duration (hours:minutes:seconds), total payments count, total Noso received by payments, hashlib selected.

Available pool information: This is updated each time the miner connects to that pool. Blue background indicates an already mined pool on the current block. The Balance indicates how many Noso the miner has earned and will be received when Pay (number of blocks) reaches 0

Building from source

To build from source you'll need a working installation of Lazarus and the following packages:

  • Indy 10

These packages are included in a folder called Packages located from the root of the repository. This is provided for convinience of the GitHub builds and may not always contain the latest version of these packages.

The best way to ensure that these packages are the latest version is to install them from the Online Package Manager(OPM).



The Windows version has been tested on:

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 11


The Linux version has been tested on:

  • Ubuntu 21.10 64b

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